Business Taxes

Business tax is billed annually to any business that occupies space within Bonavista for the purpose of conducting a business. It does not reflect a specific type of business or how profitable the business.


Group I: Financial Houses - 80 mls.

Group II: Law Offices, Accountants, Engineering Offices, Denturist Clinic, Optical Clinic, Consulting Firms, Tax Shelters, Mail Order Houses - 30 mls.

Group III: Pharmaceutical Buildings, Funeral Homes - 20 mls.

Group IV: Pharmaceutical & General Combined, Medical Buildings & Dentist Offices -15 mls.

Group V: Industrial, Secondary Processing Plants, Bulk Oil Plants - 25 mls.

Group VI: Circus, Fairs, Video Shows, Concert - Permit Charge $50.00 per day plus removal of advertising signs.

Group VII: Businesses With No Property To Assess - 1/5 of 1% of Volume of Business done or $500.00 whichever is greater.

Group VIII: Utility Companies - 2.5% of Gross Revenue

Group IX: Carpenter/Contractors With No Fixed Address - $150.00Group X: All other businesses - 12 mls.