Crusie Ship Information

Come visit the place where legendary John Cabot first made landfall 500 years ago. Experience a piece of history as you a replica of Cabot’s ship “The Matthew” which he sailed from Bristol, England to Bonavista, Newfoundland in 1497. Bonavista has more historic buildings than any other place in Newfoundland, with the exception of St. John’s. Here, you are sure to enjoy strolling along the narrow, winding roads throughout the community or grab the chance to take a magnificent photograph of the town at the top of White Rock, the highest point of land in Bonavista.

Latitude: 48º39’35’N         Longitude: 53º7’15’W

Port Specifications:

Channel at Low Tide: 4.9 m
# of Cruise Berths: 1
Berth Depths: 2.1 – 3.3 m
Berth Lengths: 137 m
Services: Medical Services; Dental Services; Marine Service Centre
Notes: Floating Wharf


Tourism Committee
Town of Bonavista
Phone: 709 468-7816