Planning and Development


MUNICIPAL PLAN 2014 - 2024

The purpose of this Plan is to meet the land use management needs of the people of Bonavista during the 2014 – 2024 Planning Period. The Plan seeks to preserve heritage, provide a pleasant, healthy and safe environment for residents and create an environment where opportunities for business growth and employment creation can be realised and maximum benefits obtained at the lowest cost. It was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Urban and Rural Planning Act 2000.

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Zoning regulations outline permitted uses for the area in compliance with the appropriate Land Use By-law.

Click here to view the development regulations, zoning map1 and zoning map 2 which shows areas of the Municipality with zoning regulations.




ICSP is a five-year plan that has been developed in consultation with stakeholders of theTown of Bonavista, that is, residents, businesses, service groups and volunteer groups.Together with our community, the Town of Bonavista has developed an ICSP that defines avision for the future of this community with consideration to the five key dimensions ofsustainability: environment, social, culture, economic and governance. Without theircontribution it would have been a near impossible feat to develop a plan that reflects theperceived future of our community, and how we will get there together.

Despite the fact that this document is required to continue receiving transfers under the Gas TaxAgreement, it presents an opportunity to establish a meaningful and useful tool in which toproceed with future community development and sustainability. It forms the basis of a modelthrough which the community and its stakeholders can be brought together. It will undoubtedlystrengthen those community values and the community ties that already exist within ourcommunity, and give ownership to those with a vested interest in its future.

View the Town of Bonavista's Intreated Community Sustainability Plan, click here.



A building permit is required for new construction, additions, relocations, and demolitions of a building or structure.

How do I obtain a building permit?  You can apply for building permits, Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Bonavista Town Hall (95 Church Street). Permits are issued by the Town Clerk.

For further information, contact the Town Clerk at 709-468-7747. 

Extension to Storage Shed
Storage Shed
Extensions to Houses & Mobile Homes
New Housing Units & Mobile Homes
Occupancy - Commercial
New Commercial Buildings & Extensions to Commercial Buildings
               Less than $20,000.00
               $20.000.00 & Over
               **** $2.00 for each $1,000.00 over $20,000.00
$30.00 plus
Demolition Permits
Concession Stands
Vendors - Door-To-Door Sales - Yearly