Property Assessment

Property Assessment is the process of establishing a dollar value for property tax purposes.The Municipal Assessment Agency completes property assessments for the Town of Paradise. The Agency is a provincial crown agency that is arm's-length from all municipalities, including the Town of Paradise. All municipalities in the province, with the exception of the City of St. John's, use the services of the Municipal Assessment Agency.  The Town is not involved in any way with the property assessment process.

Provincial law requires a new valuation of property every three years.  The current assessments are based on the market value of a property as of January 1, 2014 and have been calculated based a property's physical characteristics and property sales in the area. 

General assessment information can be view online through MAA. To search this public database click here.

General Questions and Information:

How is your property value determined?

How does Assessment Relate to Municipal taxes?

What if Assessments go up or down?

What are the methods to measure the value of property?

Property Assessment Appeal Brochure 

Answering Questions About Your Property Assessment

Special Purpose Properties

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Record of Property Transfer or Sale  (PDF)

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