Fire Department

Early Roots of the Bonavista Fire Department

The present Bonavista Fire Department owes its origin to a Volunteer Fire Brigade that was organized during late summer in 1966. At that time several citizens of the town were asked by Dr. John W. Heath, the current Mayor, if they would be willing to form a fire brigade and serve as its founding members. The following were the first individuals to serve on the Bonavista Volunteer Fire Brigade: 

Heber John Keel
Heber John Faulkner
Ernest Hayley
Lloyd Phillips
Alex Sweetland      
Wilfred Hicks

The first fire call responded to by the Brigade was at the residence of Mr. Samuel Avis of Canaille Road (located near the residence of Mr. Howard Freake). The firemen who responded to the call were Lloyd Phillips, Heber John Faulkner and Wilfred Hicks. Although the house was destroyed by the fire fortunately there was no loss of life.

On May 29, 1966 a meeting of interested citizens took place in the Bonavista Provincial Court House on Walkam’s Hill where Mr. Gordon Bradley was nominated to serve as the first Fire Chief of the Bonavista Volunteer Fire Brigade. The members of the newly formed Volunteer Fire Brigade continued to meet at the Bonavista Provincial Court House while the newly acquired fire truck was housed in one of J.T. Swyers’s buildings at the bottom of Swyer’s Hill. During the winter of 1968-1969 the fire truck was housed in one of the bays of the newly constructed Town Hall. In 1972 a second fire truck was purchased and added to the fleet. The Bonavista Town Hall became the new home of the Volunteer Fire Brigade until the completion of the current Bonavista Fire Hall in 1987. 

Bonavista Volunteer Fire Department Members List