Religious Denominations:

Anglican Christ Church
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Rectory: (709) 468-7357
The first Anglican clergyman to be appointed to Bonavista was an Englishman by the name of Rev. H. Jones in 1723. During his residence in Bonavista he established a school in 1726*, the first in Newfoundland. The first Anglican Church was built in Bonavista during the year 1730. Rev. Jones stayed at Bonavista for seventeen years, during which his first eight he reported having baptized 119 people. Rev. Jones was succeeded by Rev. W. Peasley who remained until 1744, having lived in Bonavista for four years.

After Rev. W. Peasley left the Parish, the Church at Bonavista was left without a resident clergyman for seventy years**; the services of the Church were carried on by some faithful Laymen such as Thomas Gaylor, Abraham Ackerman and Dr. Clinch.

In 1822, on New Year's Day, a second church was opened which was built under the supervision of Abraham Ackerman. The third church to be built at Bonavista was in 1862 by Rev. A.E.C. Bayley. In 1931 the fourth church to be built at Bonavista was opened under the leadership of Canon A.G. Bayley. In October 1977 the destruction of the fourth church was begun, to be replaced by a new wooden building which opened in 1981.
* The date differs in other records.
** Some records give period as just about 80 years.        

Memorial United Church
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Manse: (709) 468-2450
The first Methodist church was constructed in 1814 under the ministry of Rev. William Ellis. It served its congregation for thirty-five years and was known as the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel while its followers were called ‘Wesleyans'. In 1851, it was felt that the church had to be enlarged and was done so a few years later. However, on Sunday, January 8, 1870, a severe storm destroyed the church. Undaunted, the people rebuilt the church and it was completed in 1871 under the ministry of Rev. John S. Phimmey.

On March 4, 1918, this building was taken down in favour of a new facility. The fourth and present church was built in 1921 under the leadership of Rev. Charles Lench. It is 65 feet wide and 124 feet long with a seating capacity of 1200. It is of the"Classical Revival Style," widely popular throughout mainland British
North America from circa 1820 to 1860. It is the largest wooden church in Eastern Canada and is a magnificent structure that stands as a memorial to those who paid the supreme sacrifice during the first and second World Wars.

List of clergy who served the Memorial United Church of Bonavista since it became a member of the United Church of Canada:
1916-1923. . . Rev. Charles Lench
1923-1926. . . Rev. C. R. Blount
1926-1934. . . Rev. S. Bennett
1934-1940. . . Rev. S. I. Murley
1940-1947. . . Rev. J. M. Winsor
1947-1951. . . Rev. Dr. Arthur S. Butt
1951-1953. . . Rev. Thomas R. Mills
1953-1957. . . Rev. William E. Stanford
1957-1961. . . Rev. Frederick W. Bradbury
1961-1962. . . Rev. Calvin Evans
1962-1965. . . Rev. Melvin Ralph
1965-1966. . . Rev. W. R. Bowering
1966-1968. . . Rev. Clarence Stanford
1968-1973. . . Rev. Ambrose E. Newbury
1973-1978. . . Rev. Harvey D. Harris
1978-1985. . . Rev. A. James Hoddinott
1985-1986. . . Rev. Dr. Arthur S. Butt
1986-1989. . . Rev. Ernest Feltham
1989-1990. . . Rev. Albert Trask
1990-1992. . . Rev. Douglas Best
1992-1993. . . Rev. W. R. Bowering
1993-1994. . . Rev. Fred Hickman
1994-1995. . . Rev. Cecil Tiller
1995-1996. . . Rev. Ernest Parsons
1996-1998. . . Elsie E. Pottle

Salvation Army Citadel
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Quarters: (709) 468-7600
The corps was opened on December 5, 1886 by Capt. F. Grey. The first official meeting was held at the Mockbeggar premises which is now a provincial historic site. From 1886-1930 there were no records kept but information reported by some, who can faintly recall those days, tell us that they were difficult days - much opposition during the first ten to twenty years. By 1930, after forty-four years in existence, things were well established.

Commandant and Mrs. Woodland took charge of the Corps in October 1930. These were poor times financially. On November 2, 1930, a special Thanksgiving offering was received which amounted to $154.00. Today such an offering would amount to $1000-$1200.

Commandant Woodland was followed by Commandant and Mrs. Woolcott who came from Glace Bay, N.S. After ten months they were transferred to Belleville,
Ontario. Adjutant and Mrs. Pike succeeded them. According to records, these were still very poor times. A Christmas concert on December 23, 1932 raised only $23.50 with about two to three hundred present.

September 8, 1937 was a breakthrough day for Bonavista. On that day, Governor Walwyn and party were special guests. The Salvation Army Band and Life
Saving Units participated in the welcoming exercises. His Excellency paid a visit to the Salvation Army Citadel and expressed his admiration for the Salvation Army. In his speech he stated his hope and desire to help the town of Bonavista in its financial depression. The Salvation Army Officer was a member of a selected committee to arrange a program of entertainment for the Governor and his party.

In the ensuing years the Army has continued to play a very important role in the life of the town. The Band, especially, has been used in the community for
occasions such as Society parades and Memorial Day events.

Grace Pentecostal Church
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Parsonage: (709) 468-2217

Jehovah Witness
Kingdom Hall
Tel: (709) 468-1427

St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church

Rev. Matthew Scanlan (1865-1871)
Rev. William Veitch (1871-1873)
Rev. Philip A. Carolan (1873-1890)
Rev. Thomas E. Lynch (1890-1892)
Rev. Richard M. Walker (1892-1897)
Rev. Walter Tarahan (1897-1900)
Rev. Dr. Patrick W. Browne (1900-1906)
Rev. George Thibault (1906-1907)
Rev. Dr. Joseph Murphy (1907-1912)
Rev. Mark P. Dwyer (1912-1927)
Rev. Michael F. Dinn (1927-1934)
Rev. Jeremiah Howard (1934 - 1953)
Rev. Richard T. Woodford (1953-1964)
Rev. J. Raymond Hawco (1964-1970)
Rev. Edward R. Brophy (1970- 1975)
Rev. Linus Coady (1975-1976)
Rev. J. Kevin Barker (1976-1977)
Rev. David Heale (1977-1978)
Rev. Patrick Power C.Ss.R. (1978 - 1980)
Rev. Edward T. Bromley (1980-1984)
Rev. James Beresford (1984-1989)
Rev. Francis Aylward (1989-1990)
Rev. J. Kevin Barker (1991-1996)
Rev. Brendan J. McCarthy (1996 - 2002)
Rev. William E. Hearn (2002)


Seventh Day Adventist Church