The Town of Bonavista would like to remind residents that it is unlawful to use a snowmobile to cross the frozen intake pond or PPWSA. A Protected Public Water Supply Area (PPWSA) is a protected area under Section 39 of the Water Resources Act and is a source of public drinking water for a community.

It is unlawful to release any material that may impair drinking water quality within the PPWSA including:

  • Petroleum products
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Garbage/ litter
  • Septic waste

It is also unlawful to:

  • Use a snowmobile to cross a frozen intake pond
  • Develop a snowmobile trail or install a culvert or bridge without a permit
  • Ice fish in intake ponds
  • Refuel within 150 metres of a body of water

You can find your community’s PPWSA at 
Watersheds can also be viewed using Google Earth