As of August 1, 2021, the Town of Bonavista will implement a new permitting process. The primary purpose for the issuance of a permit is to ensure that all buildings comply with safety, health, building and zoning requirements of the Town of Bonavista and the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Permits are required for both residential and commercial construct of a new building or structure, or to demolish or relocate, or make additions to an existing building. These additions include decks, patios, porches, storage sheds and garages. Permits are also required for vendors, concession stands, food trucks, events, concerts, fencing, signage, and commercial occupancy.

Under the new permitting process, if you are planning to build, extend, or demolish a building or structure on a residential or commercial property, you are required to fill out an application to apply to the Town of Bonavista for a permit.

Permit applications can be found on the Town of Bonavista website ( or in person at the town hall. Applications can be submitted in person to the administration office, or by email to [email protected]. All required documentation must be submitted with the application.

Please refer to the new permit and fees schedule found online or connect with town staff before submitting your applications, to confirm applicable fees and any other complete application requirements.

Stephanie Lodge

Chief Administrative Officer

Town of Bonavista