Bonavista is host to many diverse trails. Right from the town’s centre, you can walk, bike, snowshoe, or hike to stunning views. Below you will find some of the local community trails.

We also encourage you to visit the Hike Discovery website to view Bonavista’s most6 popular trail, the Cape Shore and also check many other local area trails. 

Cape Shore Trail

This trail has a spectacular view of Bonavista Bay. Take a leisurely walk on a marked trail to Cape Bonavista Lighthouse.  Along this route you can enjoy the rugged coast line, whales and birds. Stop for a picnic along the trail or at the John Cabot Municipal Park. 

Length: Approx. 6 km walk to Cape Bonavista Lighthouse 

Points of Interest: John Cabot Municipal Park, Bonavista Lighthouse, bird and whale watching, foxes, icebergs, beaches 

Location: Access this trail on Cape Shore Road  (48.672139,-53.101408)

Hike Discovery:

John Cabot Municipal Park

John Cabot Municipal Park is the perfect base for exploring all that Cape Bonavista has to offer. The Park offers a scenic location with direct access to some of the best scenic view in Newfoundland. Expect a relaxing and very scenic visit. Magnificent location to viewing icebergs, whales and puffins when in season.

Points of Interest: John Cabot Municipal Park, Bonavista Lighthouse, bird watching, foxes, eagles, whales, icebergs, beaches 

Location: Access off of Cape Shore Road  (48.698453, -53.088727)

The Track Nature Trail

This trail, once used as part of the railway, is now used as a leisurely walking trail. It passes by Beaver Pond which is a great area for bird watching.  This trail is in mixed use, so you may encounter cyclists or motorized vehicles. We ask all trail users to be prepared for such multi-use activity.

Length: Approximately 5 km walk

Points of Interest: bird watching, beavers

Location: Access this trail on Confederation Drive near Luxury Estates (48.6505,-53.104166)

White Rock Lookout

You will be astonished with the beautiful panoramic views of Bonavista from the top of White Rock

Points of Interest: Icebergs when in season, great view of the surrounding.

Location: Access the lookout via Route 235. Park your car before you get to the water tower and walk road to the top. About 2 minutes. (48.6401979,-53.111744) 

Old Day's Pond Boardwalk

Enjoy a leisurely walk around Old Day's Pond boardwalk. This boardwalk has a number of viewing platforms and even a few gaze. For many locals, this walk is part of an active lifestyle routine. Wheelchair accessible.

Length: Approximately 1 km walk around the pond 

Points of Interest: Bird watching, great view of the surrounding historic area, gazebos, picnic site

Location: Access this boardwalk on Roper Street (48.654412,-53.11855) or O'Day's Road.

Dungeon Provincal Park

Bonavista is built upon sedimentary deposits of the Precambrian Age (600 million years ago).

On the road between Lance Cove and Bonavista you'll find one of nature's carvings - the Dungeon. It is a circular opening in the cliff with two seaward-side channels where the sea roars through. It is approximately 300 feet across and 15 meters deep. Tidal action has created a natural beach. You can swim or go through the channels in a small punt. Many people explore the bottom and sides of the Dungeon, climbing its high cliffs looking for plentiful iron pyrite (fools' gold) embedded in the rocks.

Points of Interest: Unique rock formations, bird and whale watching, icebergs 

Location: Access this trail on Cape Shore Road  (48.66687474047471,-53.08422088623047)


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